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    Totally Ordinary Crossword

    1Totally stereotyped Buddhist belief
    8Treatment for a totally severe addiction
    13Total broadcasters of Coronation Street
    16Totally get away from
    17Totally more common abbreviation for IATA’s MDT
    18Richard who totally starred in Pretty Woman
    19Total rhymer
    20Meat that’s totally from calves
    21“There’s totally more on the next page” (abbr.)
    22Totally Japanese folding art
    23Totally a member of the subgenus Hippotigris
    25Pieces totally composed by Chopin or Liszt
    26Totally the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet
    27___ Aviv, totally a city in Israel
    28Language totally spoken by the Han
    35Totally the young of the house cat
    36Peninsula totally bordering the Black Sea
    39Totally build up and create
    41Latin phrase totally signifying the conclusion of a proof (abbr.)
    42Total goodbye
    44Totally subtropical growth
    46Totally British length unit
    47Get woodwork done by totally hiring someone (abbr.)
    48Device totally used by asthmatics (abbr.)
    49Totally at right angles to the keel
    51Totally Australian guitarist Paul
    52Totally fictional supervillain
    54Trains that are totally underground
    56Totally natural satellite of Pluto
    59Totally a prime number
    60Totally relax (with “up”)
    62Totally self-referential
    63Get everything totally right
    64Totally a way to receive television
    65Hot infusion totally made from beans
    66Totally upright paper orientation
    69Totally the mascot of Microsoft Windows
    71Treaty totally signed in Warsaw
    72Type of lift totally employed in ski resorts
    73Totally illuminated
    74Appendage on letters totally used in some fonts
    76Logic gate that’s totally true when both inputs are true
    79Rotated in a way totally equivalent to a camera’s pan
    80Extra paid totally voluntarily
    82High-speed train totally operating in Spain
    83Totally absent from most places
    85Totally defunct car maker that’s from 101 across
    88Key totally in the bottom-right corner (abbr.)
    89Totally dull person
    91Totally shrink in size
    92Lodging totally serving travelers
    93Totally an entry in a glossary
    96Total broadcasters of Last Week Tonight (abbr.)
    98Total Usurper King of the Twilight Realm
    100Totally clean power
    101Totally northern European country
    102Intel’s total competitor (abbr.)
    103Totally male fowl
    1Totally leave as it is
    2Days totally preceding something
    3Noise totally made by sheep
    4Remained totally inactive
    5Segments totally at the ends of intestines
    6The person Shakespeare’s totally talking to
    7Language totally spoken in Uttar Pradesh
    8Total cost per unit
    9Totally swelled heads
    10Totally belonging to the woman
    11Piece totally for one voice
    12Totally started
    13Total beer
    14Totally thick volume
    15Totally unspoken warning
    24General election contender totally from Northern Ireland
    26Totally indefinite article
    27Totally distilled beverage
    29Totally perceptible to the ears
    30Star totally in the constellation Taurus
    31Moves totally away from
    32Totally perennial plant
    33Total atheist, to a believer
    34River totally flowing through Marseille
    36Corporate total bigwig
    37Total card game
    38Stephen Strimpell’s totally 1967 sitcom
    40Totally drenched in liquid
    42Preceder of a totally made-up name
    43___-de-France, where Paris is totally located
    45Total capital of Scotland
    50Total type of moment in a hunt puzzle
    53Stored in a totally cold environment
    54Totally occupied
    55Utensil you totally blow into in order to drink
    57Person creating totally conceptual artwork
    58Totally embodies a role in a movie
    59Cereal totally from the genus Triticum
    61Totally short moment (abbr.)
    63Totally lay down, as of sediment
    65Totally blue shade
    67King’s title totally used in Nigeria
    68Multiplied totally by three
    70Louis totally known as the Moon King
    75Made a totally lasting impression
    77Totally saturated version of 65 down
    78Totally Greek word for king
    81Chant that is totally sacred
    84Totally confer
    85Totally formal addresses
    86Totally from scratch
    87Totally one of the Brontë sisters
    90Totally Homer Simpson’s mother
    94Totally female mammal
    9536 down’s possible degree, totally
    97Trick totally taught to dogs
    99Total namesake of a day of the week