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    1Softly turned over dead leaf
    662.5% of afflictions produce cravings
    11101 tabloid returns smoke
    16A kidney-related detailed stage
    17I complain back at supermodel Campbell
    18River Oder holds spoil
    19Excellent: a real detector
    20Instruments of brokers, oddly
    21Lumps Democrat in with strange ones
    22Some rats are sovereign
    23Cleric almost intrudes
    24Salsa singer, regroup sooner
    25Ballads are sensed at sea
    27Fancy headless insect
    28Initial of some former partner, male or female
    29Car was initially almost torture
    30Even stars snack on candy
    32TV alien, half-beheaded
    35Logic gate regularly on board
    36He’s back, covering plan to greet every other signal
    40These emotions partly appear
    42Roosts change West’s direction
    44Your untidy twice-cut herbs
    45Accept tenor after three notes
    47Eccentric lauds uncommon numbers
    49Small insects helping
    50Retrospective meeting overlooking small sounds
    52Unusually large frown
    54Area was cursed evenly
    55Corrective left after sorting into data
    57Writer has four online
    59Energy in use for a long time
    60Accepted lore of timeless Swiss locality
    61Leaders of Georgia locate individuals down east coast
    63Law-breaking boring tool
    66Hello, get some record
    67Deportation, but not from custom
    71Selected center pipe needs improvement
    73Susceptible one following political regional leaders
    74The King And I protagonist is some Indian native
    75Anchorage, trimmed beardless
    76Mathematician Robert Irving sounds angry
    77Even Dublin gave bones
    78Name and game taken from failure of choice
    79Asian people are OK, funnily
    80Actress Keaton and I: uncanny energy
    81Wanting love left high impressions
    82Writer Cecelia and her collection lacking depth
    83Senate leader, after studies, reversed cuts (archaic)
    1Tie up pieces
    2Remove beginner, rest in comfort
    3Top spin toy
    4Prince in bland rewrite
    5Slow-moving, sleepless place
    6Chaotic mix or endured
    7Serbia spread disease
    8Burgoo utensil has finish (2 wds.)
    9Bemused caged animals
    10It’s weirdly put
    11Comical caps on the monuments
    12Metal-noir fusion
    13No-show turned to dog
    14Oh dear — no hot, hot love
    15Some interpret Oxford to indulge in alcohol after abstinence
    23Bellboys’ quiet times
    24Breaking panes leads to scolding (archaic)
    26Regularly uncanny granny
    27Sector in star map
    30Recycled slate unit
    31Subdivisions in prophylaxis
    32A NASA-backed yoga posture
    33Taken for a ride during Christmas Day retreat (2 wds.)
    34Bone for extra mobility utilizing rear heads
    36Hedge enclosure
    37Spray moist drops
    38Antique from secret room
    39Industrial city in Hesse... not
    41Recorder had us singing, for example
    43Senior having back condition nearly extracted beet saccharide
    46Emergency situations from misshapen darts reel (2 wds.)
    48Nails rank high for Asian native (2 wds.)
    51Echolocation fails on a regular interval
    53Spain has 54 elevated vices
    56Thanks, good call
    58Yale student Samuel’s custodian
    61Merchant’s good with upturned, trimmed archive
    62Soviet premier dealt in salt
    63Half of approached suffered
    64What’s 60% lemur, 40% cetacean
    65Fan left over
    67Chase township support
    68Cerebral champion needing no introduction
    69Constantly no date after 1:00 (2 wds.)
    70Nostrils in pairs, even eyes, no heart
    72Secretly joins ectoplasm cult
    73Leaders paid off our honey bear
    76Ask about Jamaican blues/jazz genre
    77Loud songs containing Spanish pronoun (abbr.)