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    No, U

    Saturday and Sunday (7)Language or spin (7)Type of figures to round to (11)Train schedule (9)Conjecture or assumption (10)Precision partner (8)Emotion (7)Prove innocent of a crime (9)Number of Martin Luther’s theses (6, 4)Illusory desert sight (6)Additional (5)Building where sick people get cured (8)Achieve (a goal) or attain (a place) (5)Without delay (11)Rhinoplasty, familiarly (4, 3)Hellenic language (5)Rhythm from a percussive instrument (4, 4)Man-made or contrived (10)Enigma or Agatha Christie genre (7)What Hot Chocolate believes in (8)Bounce or Trevor Mann (8)Medically inadvisable (9)Made routine by long or frequent use (8)Consistent according to deduction (7)Cause partner (6)$400 property (not Mayfair) (9)Aged or senior (people) (7)Main indicator in a VU meter (6)Hägar, according to Dik Browne (8)Esteem or comprehend (10)Geordi from Star Trek TNG (2, 5)Sufficiently (6)What the police may inform you of (7, 6)Kolkata’s state (4, 6)Archimedes’s exclamation (6)Touch of Grey band (8, 4)Endorse, or give a higher position to (7)Regalecidae (7)Entertaining, but likely fictitious story (4, 4)American Idol sixth-season finalist Malakar (7)Netherlands badminton or darts tournament (5, 4)Bitumen (7)Set a window to fill the whole screen (8)C₂H₅OH (7)Investigate scientifically (8)Likelihood (11)Volume of a sound (8)The fourth prohibits searches and seizures (9)Plays like Romeo and Juliet (9)Ozzy Osbourne guitarist (4, 5)Period of the curious incident of the dog (5, 4)Pleasure, liking or fun (9)Installed a newer version of (7)Crossbows, slingshots and trebuchets (7)Leave a country permanently (8)Ersatz or replacement (10)Abstract or speculative (11)Pipe at the back of a car (7)Cyprus’s capital (7)Arrange files on a hard disk contiguously (10)Juniper, Layton, Moriarty, Snape, etc. (9)Paraguay’s capital (8)Retain in one’s mind (8)The Shining and Zig Zag actress (4, 7)Steeply declining, or type of ski competition (8)Strength, liveliness or power (6)Knock down all pins in bowling (6)Conflict that is the subject of the Iliad (6, 3)Carpodacus (9)Almond-shaped part of the brain (8)Leather between horse and rider (6)Ave Maria and Impromptus composer Franz (8)Carving into stone (7)Rest period or render defective (5)Rollout and Act a Fool rapper (8)Sukhumi’s state (8)Dirty Dancing actor Patrick (6)Pillar or newspaper section (6)Prepared by oneself or Jake Owen song (8)The Trial and Metamorphosis author Franz (5)Das Boot actor Uwe (12)Writing system such as Arabic or Hebrew (5)Fortunately (7)Lyon, France, but when it was Gaul (8)Joint connecting the humerus and radius (5)Asmara’s country (7)