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    Eternal Namesake

    I didn’t see that coming.

    Split my person open=A
    Obtain that container=C
    Outpost for parties=D
    Juvenile dwarf planet=E
    Spider-Man movie subtitle=F
    Former planet namer Burney=G
    Google browser’s core labels=H
    Exceeding existence in size=I
    Chinese egg-noodle dish=M
    Balloon noise=N
    It is instrumental to find a new house=O
    Ridiculous timekeeper=R
    “My apologies”=S
    Football dance, in hindsight=T
    Extreme time-sensitivity=U
    The aforementioned direction=W
    Sequel (abbr.)=Y

    • Like a meal covered in Béarnaise, say (5)
         + Penned or authored (5)
    • Move both king and rook in a single move (6)
         + Mushrooms, molds and others (5)
    • The Price is Right host Carey (4)
         + With “The”, superhero Barry Allen (5)
    • Quito’s country (7)
         + No. 1 track on the charts (3)
    • Reykjavik’s country (7)
         + Insect whose repellent comes in the shape of balls (4)
    • Structure that divides a tennis court (3)
         + Disjunction conjunction (2)
    • Grasps, or cargo areas on a ship (5)
         + Uprising that befell the HMS Bounty, for example (6)